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[31 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]
ControlPad – Launch Programs With The Numeric Keypad

Features Overview

Can execute any command through the numeric keypad.
Can also use words instead of numeric codes.
Highly customizable.

ControlPad is a very interesting freeware program that can turn your numeric keypad into a Windows command execution system. You can execute any program through the numeric codes that you will choose, just like the speed dial on your phone. Even more, you can configure it to open a document, a web address or send a sequence of keystrokes once you input a code of your choice.

The program is fairly easy to use, once …

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[24 May 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

TaskSwitchXP is a small freeware utility that enhances the standard Windows Alt+Tab switcher with advanced features and a nice interface.

I guess that many of you that have to work with multiple windows open at the same time felt a little bit disappointed by the Windows Alt+Tab switcher and thought about something better. TaskSwitchXP is a freeware program designed to pick up where the standard Windows switcher left off and give you a better, nicer and more advanced way to manage your open tasks. The program will run in the background, …