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[21 Feb 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

Avidemux is an open source video editing program that can handle many file types, fom avi and mpeg to flv.

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[29 Aug 2008 | 8 Comments | ]

RichFLV is a freeware program that allows you to edit Flash Video Files and then export them as FLV, MP3, SWF or even Jpeg and PNG.

I wanted to edit a Flash Video File, basically to cut out parts of it. I didn’t want to transcode the file to another format, edit it and then transcode it back to FLV, I wanted something that would allow me to edit the FLV file directly.
There are some programs that can do that, but most of them are commercial. In fact, the only freeware …

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[15 Aug 2008 | 10 Comments | ]

Hey folks, welcome to the Freeware Mission again, cruising through to the final destination – a freeware only PC. This one here is an interesting episode, because I do professional video editing from time to time to earn some cash to pay the rent. The program that I’m using to edit TV shows, commercials, even motion pictures is Avid Xpress Pro, and that one is far from being free, it costs a lot of dough. Free video editing programs? There are a few but…

Right now there is no freeware program …