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[24 Feb 2009 | One Comment | ]

CleanMem is a tiny freeware memory optimizer. It doesn’t run in the background, you just have to run it whenever you want to clear some RAM.

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[8 Aug 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

RAM day continues on the Freeware Mission. Earlier today I chose the best freeware memory testing programs, now it’s time to pick the best free memory optimizer. There are a lot of such freeware programs available but there is only one that I decided to use.

And that program is SweepRAM. I reviewed it a few months ago and I’m still using it now, because it’s good, it’s very good.
I chose it because of the unique approach that it has: it’s not a resident program, you just run it when you …

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[8 Aug 2008 | One Comment | ]

Good day folks, it’s RAM day on the Freeware Mission! First I’m going to pick a freeware program to test the reliability of my memory modules and later today you’ll find out which is the freeware I chose to optimize my RAM. Let’s see what I chose for testing now.

I think there are two options available: MemTest and Memtest86+. The difference is that MemTest test your memory right into Windows and Memtest86+ tests it at boot time, because you’ll run it from a bootable cd. Obviously Memtest86+ is more accurate …

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[1 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]

The latest operating systems require more and more RAM (Random Access Memory). Although the prices for the memory modules have decreased significantly over the past few years they are a “must spend some cash” stuff for any computer user. This freeware, MemTest offers you the possibility to check how your memory modules behave under stress. Let’s see how it works.
After you download a .zip archive worth only a few KBs you have to extract the content. And that content is an executable file and a manual (you should read it …

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[19 May 2008 | No Comment | ]

I was thinking of upgrading my RAM memory for one of the computers that I have (yeah, I have more of them, don’t ask me why, because there is no logical explanation). Finding the right memory module can be a tricky job, because you need to pick the right ones, those which are compatible with your system. The worst part of it all is that I was searching for a PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgrade, and that’s hard to find, because the market offers mostly DDR2 modules.

I stumbled upon …