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[17 Nov 2009 | 93 Comments | ]
93 Great Freeware Programs

Hello folks! As I promised I’m going to release the first Freeware Mission MegaPack for 2009 as it’s been almost a year since the last MegaPack was released, with 72 freeware programs back in December 2008. The new MegaPack has 94 freeware programs, all tested and installed in my freeware only PC. For those of you who don’t know what the Freeware Mission is all about I’m going to explain how and why in a few words.
I have a Windows XP powered PC, it came with the operating system installed …

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[17 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Battle For Wesnoth – Great Free Strategy Game

Features Overview

Can be played in single player campaigns or online against real opponents.
Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Nice fantasy theme and a great storyline.

Battle for Wesnoth is a free open source turn-based fantasy strategy game. The game was created in 2003 and has been developed ever since with the contribution of several people around the world. I tried it on Linux Mint but it also has versions for Windows and Mac OS X computers.

You can start with a quick tutorial that will explain the basic actions that you …

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[25 Aug 2009 | 15 Comments | ]
Linux Mint 7 – Free Open Source Operating System

I wanted to do this for a few months now but I never found a few quiet hours for it… I finally installed Linux Mint 7 on my PC, alongside with Windows XP for now. I gave Ubuntu a try last year but I gave up on it because of the many difficulties with the hardware. What happened with Ubuntu is that I barely made the sound to work after long hours of trying and I just couldn’t make it to properly recognize my wide screen display, never. That’s why, …

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[21 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]
Sumatra PDF – Free Lightweight PDF Viewer

Features Overview

Small, simple and fast.
It is intended to be a fully portable program.
Light memory footprint.

Sumatra PDF is a tiny open source PDF viewer, fast, portable and with a small memory footprint. I guess most of you are looking to replace the Adobe PDF Reader with a free program that wouldn’t take forever to load a document. Well, you can’t even compare Sumatra PDF’s speed with Adobe Reader’s speed, the open source program is way faster and that’s a big plus. Even compared with the fastest freeware PDF readers like Foxit …

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[12 Aug 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
GoOo – Faster Open Office

Features Overview

Faster than OpenOffice.org
Good functionality in a nice user interface
Can import Microsoft Works files and Word Perfect graphics.

GoOo is a free open source office suite, providing all the functionality that Microsoft Office does, but for free! GoOo is based on the OpenOffice.org source code but it claims to be a lot faster. There are also a few other additional features in GoOo compared to OpenOffice.org. When Harmon recommended GoOo to me he said something like this: “It’s OpenOffice on steroids” 🙂
I’ve been using OpenOffice.org for more than a year now, …