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[17 May 2009 | 7 Comments | ]
Top 10 Freeware Programs – Me and My Readers Can’t Live Without Them!

Hello folks, the poll that I started two months ago was closed and I’m pleased to show you the results. Although I like many, many freeware programs I tried to compile a list with 10 of them that are really important to me. Then I added your favorites to the poll and exactly 1000 people voted over the two months. And now, the results:

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[18 Aug 2008 | 292 Comments | ]

Check out the new list: 94 Great Freeware Programs!
Check the the new collectiion of 27 Free Web Aplications for Webmasters and Developers
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The Freeware Mission started exactly one month ago. My Windows XP powered PC crashed and I had to reinstall everything in it. I decided to try something different: install only freeware programs except Windows XP (I might try Ubuntu later ;). I was a little bit uncertain at first, because I was using some commercial programs (Microsoft Office, Nero, BitDefender etc.) and I …

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[10 Mar 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

I thought it would be useful to post lists with the free software you might try. Don’t worry, the reviews will still be here. Today I’ll post a summary list of the best Peer to Peer programs. Naturally, only the free ones!
ĀµTorrent 1.7.7 Stable – BitTorrent client – download here
Azureus 3.0 – BitTorrent client – download here
BitComet 0.99 – BitTorrent client – download here
ABC 3.1 – BitTorrent client – download here
BitTornado Beta – BitTorrent client – download here
eMule v0.48a – p2p client – download here
SoulSeek Client 156c – p2p …