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[1 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]
Unstoppable Copier – Free File Recovery Program

This is a guest post written by Rono, a freeware addict and fan of this blog.
Have you ever lost important information which was stored in a CD or hard disk and now you can’t have it again? If you need to get back your data from your scratched CDs, damaged disks or defective floppy/hard disks, you need a piece of freeware like this: Unstoppable Copier.
How does Unstoppable Copier work? Normally when your computer is unable to copy a file from a damaged disk it will abort and delete the portion …

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[2 Aug 2008 | 11 Comments | ]

Good day again, welcome to the Freeware Mission. Today I’m going to pick the best freeware data recovery program, a must have for any PC. A while ago almost any data recovery software was expensive like hell. Now we have freeware programs that can do just what the commercial ones can. Maybe even more.

I was using Recuva for a while, a pretty good freeware program. Searching for the best one I found PC Inspector File Recovery. It’s by far the best free data recovery program, maybe even the best overall.

If …

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[10 May 2008 | No Comment | ]

A few weeks ago I reviewed a nice freeware program called Recuva, a tiny little software that can recover your deleted files. The program has recently reached version 1.13.304, another step towards a better freeware program. This version adds a couple of new features and fixes:
– Added Deep Scan. Recuva can now search for files lost by
the file system, will work for reformatted and repartitioned drives.
– Improved speed and stability for image preview in Windows 2k/98.
– Several performance tweaks.
– Various UI tweaks and improvements.
You can download it from here, it’s …

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[24 Mar 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Sometimes I remember needing a file just after deleting it from the recycle bin. There are several file recovery programs out there, but only a few of them are free, just how I like them. I stumbled upon such freeware: it’s called Recuva and the latest version is v1.12.291. Yes, it can recover your deleted files for free!