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[2 Jul 2009 | 12 Comments | ]
Firefox 3.5 vs Google Chrome Comparison

With the release of the new Firefox 3.5 I thought it would be the right time to give Firefox another try after I replaced it with Google Chrome. I found Chrome faster and lighter although I still miss the Firefox add-ons. I installed Firefox 3.5, now let’s get on with the comparative test. First of all let’s take a look at the speed. With the timer in my left hand and with my right hand on the mouse I tried to see how fast the two browsers would open …

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[3 Sep 2008 | 19 Comments | ]

Hello people! Yesterday I finally decided to test Opera 9.5 when Google released its own browser, Google Chrome. I decided to test that one too and make a quick comparison between Firefox 3, the browser I’m currently using, Opera 9.5 and Google Chrome. Let’s see how they behaved.

There are three things I consider to be important for a web browser: speed, memory load and customization. Let’s compare the three browsers for these criteria.
I didn’t use a timer, so this is based only on my perception – the fastest browser is …