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Advertising is important to us because it is how we pay the bills for keeping this site running and getting new freeware tested and reviewed. We have a very active readership of software and computing enthusiasts, and many of our advertisers report that they get great results from links and promotions placed with us. The sections below describe more about how we approach advertising.

Advertising Policy

We accept advertising for products and services that we think will be of interest to our readers. This is generally for software and computing related materials. The reason for this is we want to make the experience relevant and interesting to our readers. We do not take advertising placements for unrelated items such as real estate and tourism (yes, we have had many queries like this, weird, but true).

About our readers

We have some visibility of who our readers are, and what they’re interests are. For example we know they:

  • are 71% male
  • on average spend between 4 and 7 minutes reading material on this site per session
  • normally come to the site using specific search terms like ‘anti virus’, ‘dvd-burner’ etc….
  • register with the site for future emails and newsletters about 58% of the time
  • Are usually between the ages of 16-29 and 50-65 (yes, we get older readers)

In terms of where are readers comes from, the top 10 countries account for nearly 60% of our visitors. The distribution of visits in the top 10 is as follows:

  • 24.2% from the United States
  • 8.3% from the United Kingdom
  • 5.1% from India
  • 3.4% from Canada
  • 3.3% from the Netherlands
  • 3.1% from Australia
  • 2.8% from the Philipines
  • 2.5% from Germany
  • 2.4% from Indonesia
  • 2.3% from Italy

The remaining 40% of our visitors come from a spread of 102 other countries, primarily Latin America and the African continent.


We have 3 positions on our home page as described in the picture below.
Advertising placements on homepage
The prices for these placements vary based on demand and time of year. Please send proposals and reqeusts to for current placement prices.

Contacting Us

Email us at to organise advertising placements.