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[5 Jul 2009 | 12 Comments | ]
Readon TV Movie Radio Player – Free Internet TV Software

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a freeware internet TV program that allows you to watch and listen to thousands of free online internet TV and radio stations legally and with no charge at all. There is no paid version with more features, just the free one with everything in it.

Internet TV is growing fast lately, there are numerous TV stations that broadcast regularly on the internet with decent quality streams. There are also a lot of programs that can play internet TV, from JLC’s Internet TV to Veoh TV …

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[17 May 2008 | 9 Comments | ]

Traditional TV stations are losing more and more viewers, and most of them are moving to online content. Internet TV is becoming more and more popular, and I’m very curious to see how far it will go. I’ve tried some internet TV applications and most of them use huge amounts of memory and CPU time for unimpressive results. Today I’m going to test Veoh TV, a freeware program. Let’s see if it’s any better.
The setup file is around 20 MB, so you’ll download it pretty fast …

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[3 May 2008 | 8 Comments | ]

Online TV is becoming more and more popular, and that’s mainly because the increasing bandwidth allows better quality broadcasts. Today we’re going to test JLC’s Internet TV, a tiny piece of freeware that gives you access to thousands of online TV streams. Let’s see how it goes.
The interface is nothing special, it’s quite ugly if you look at it carefully. The TV channels are grouped by country, so you can browse through them with ease.

The quality of the broadcasts depends on each provider, but overall it’s quite watchable. Another thing …

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[21 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

I recently reviewed Miro 1.1 and I was quite impressed with the program. Today I found out there’s a new version out there, with some major improvements. Here’s a list of the most important additions and fixes:

On Windows and Linux, we updated to XULRunner 1.9, which brings memory and performance improvements.
We’ve added a much-requested preference to set new channels to not auto-download.
New preferences for tweaking number of simultaneous auto-downloads and torrent seeding.
Important re-architecting of the frontend and backend code.
Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.
On OSX, we updated to Perian 1.1.
On …

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[16 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

Satellite TV is such an awesome thing to have if you love to watch television. If you have satellite TV now then I am sure that you will probably never want to get rid of it. There is one thing that might make you cringe about satellite TV though and that is the fact that is can be pretty costly. You see signs all the time for your common company for great offers and then when you call to set it up there are so many additional fees with the …