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[13 Sep 2012 | One Comment | ]
PaintStar – a full featured free photo editor

Introduction to PaintStar
PaintStar is a photo editing software. It is small in size but very powerful, packed full of features that will satisfy 95% of people. People who have tried it will tell you that it is versatile and as comprehensive as Adobe Photoshop hence, making good (budget friendly) alternative.
It is suitable for retouching photos, creating images and authoring them. It can also be a great help if you want to morph images, capture screenshots or display image thumbnails in windows explorer menu. Because of these functions, a number of …

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[29 Jun 2012 | No Comment | ]
XnView – convert images files

Introduction to XNView
With the rise of social media photo editing and converting tools have become highly popular and in demand. One common problem encountered by people wanting to post their photos is that their files are either too large, the wrong size, or not in the desired format (JPG instead of PNG for example). What makes this more difficult is that we often want to convert dozens of photos as once, instead of repeating a series of conversions on file one-by-one. There is a great freeware tool for this – …

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[21 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
KODAK EASYSHARE – Share Pictures Much Easily

We take photographs every day and we do want to share them with other who are far away from us. There are various ways by which you can share them across various people around the world. Photographs are the way to show the people where we are and what we are doing.
There are various ways by which we can share our pictures but I am going to tell you about the software known as KODAK EASYSHARE. It is not only for the Kodak cameras but for also other cameras where …

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[7 Apr 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
FotoSketcher – Makes sketches for your photos

We like our own sketches and when we can make them on our own then it is pretty interesting. There are many free ware utilities available on internet using which you can convert your picture into a sketch. Sketches are always beautiful and when you can make it on your own and the way you like then it is pretty good.
FotoSketcher is the freeware that we are going to talk about. It is a simple tool with very easy controls. The usage of this tool is that easy that there …

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[24 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]

JMG Photo Printer is an open source program which helps you while printing pictures. This simple, useful and powerful free lets you to handle your photo printing needs. Using JMG Photo Printer, you can print up to 128 images on each page.
Once you launch this program, you can simply select the pictures using the Checkboxes. The tool marks the pictures Yellow, if they are in original folder and it marks then Violet, if they are shown in different folder. This unique way lets you select pictures from more than one …