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About this site

What we do

We look for the best freeware software on the internet, and provide a short summary that highlights what the software does, and what it’s strengths and weaknesses are. These summaries take less than 3 minutes to read, but cover the “top points” you will likely need or want to know about an item of freeware.

Why do we do this?

We work in and love the software industry- but we know there are a lot of people who simply cannot afford to purchase commercial software. Older people on fixed incomes (particuarly pensioners), children & teenagers, or people in lower income economies, are all groups who can benefit from and enjoy software – but find it hard to pay commercial rates. Fortunately, there is a vibrant freeware and hobbyist community in the software industry that makes and maintains thousands of great software products. Through this site, we help people connect to what we think are great free products.

What’s in it for us?

Primarily the satifaction of doing something that we think is worthwhile for people. We are also software enthusiasts, so we enjoy finding and learning about new (free) software.

How do you choose which software to review?

We work in the software industry, and are hobbyists ourselves, so we will often come across interesting freeware products as part of our normal (paying) jobs. We also get referrals, and sometimes requests, to look at specific products. We download them, test them, try them out for a few weeks or months, take notes, and if we feel that they are “good” quality – then we do a review. We don’t keep statistics, but we probably choose to review 1 in 4 products we look at.

Can other people help or participate?

Yes! If you would like to be a writer – we can offer you your own profile page (with good page ranking juice) to your private blog or site. If you have software that you create and would like us to feature – just mail us to look at it and try it out.

Why do you have advertising?

It pays for our hosting provider, and allows us to pay some people to write or review articles for us.

Feel free to use the contact us form to send your questions and recommendations.