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Protect your email with SpamFighter

by James 21 August 2012 No Comment

Introduction to SPAMFighter

Protecting your email inbox from the dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of spurious spam messages is not simply a matter of convenience. Firstly, it is also a matter of security. Spam is notorious for being a vehicle through virus’s and malware spread – and for this reason alone you should do something to prevent it. There is however another perspective, and that is one of productivity. If you are spending 10 minutes a day cleaning your inbox from spam – that is an hour a week or 6 full work days over the course of a year. For these two reasons alone you should deploy some sort of spam protection agent on your email – and a great place to start is with SPAMFighter.

As with all products featured here at freewaremission.com it is 100% free for home and personal use. There is a pro-version of this product which costs ~$30, however we have link at the bottom of this article that will allow you to get 20% off this product if you want to. So you can choose to use the free version or a heavily discounted pro version.

What makes SPAMFighter different?

There are several anti-spam products on the market – and they all work with varying degrees of effectiveness. To our way of thinking, there are two things that make SPAMFighter stand out.

Firstly, through a close partnership with Microsoft, its has very effective integration with the Outlook email account – one of the most widely used email clients in use. This integration results in a very simple and smooth experience when working with email.

Secondly, the whole user base of SPAMFighter participates in identifying and blocking spam . When a small number users of SPAMFighter identify a mail as spam this is shared throughout the community and the source IP address and domain of the offending mail is then identified for all SPAMFighter users. This is a genuine “strength in numbers” strategy that is very effective. At the time of writing the number of registered users for SPAMFighter was 8.5million – so this is quite a formidable protection.

Key Features

  • Effective ability to detect and remove spam mail – driven in part by the user community
  • Can protect more than one account on your PC if you happen to use more than one
  • Very easy to use “whitelist” capability (marking a mail from a specified sender as safe)
  • It is automatically updated over time so that you are always “current”
  • Supports many different languages – over 20 at the time of writing
  • After installation, you can optionally join the SPAMFighter user community. This involves creating an account (free) with SPAMFighter, and having an active email address and password. When you opt into this community, you can then participate (and benefit) from the collective strength


Below is the how SPAMFighter will appear in your Outlook toolbar – quite unobtrusive.

 SPAMFighter in Outlook toolbar

This is the overview screen – note the presence of ‘quick tips’ to help you use the product most effectively, and the statistics at the bottom – to help you get a sense of how much spam has been identified and blocked.

SPAMFighter overview page

Reliability and Performance

This is unobtrusive software. It does not consume an appreciable amount of your computers resources – most of the time you will not know it is there. We observed no noticeable delays in receiving or sending email as a result of installing this product, nor did we experience any crashes of our email client.

Authority and Credibility

SPAMFighter has won a number of awards from reputable publications such as PC World (May 2008), Computer World Top 100, ITSecurity.com Top 103 and PC-Mag. In addition to these awards, the ticker below shows the current ‘web authority’ of www.spamfighter.com as determined by Google’s Page Rank algorithm. A value of 5 or above indicates a site of significant authority .

Google Page Rank Page Rank Check
Number of domains linking to SpamFighter 1,677
Number of individual links to SpamFighter 16,043


  • It has a great track record for identifying and removing spam, with extremely few ‘false positives’
  • It is a very simple to use product – good for people who do not like messing around with technical products
  • The integreation with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail is first class
  • Consumes very few system resources it wont slow your machine down or your email experience
  • The use of community based spam identification makes it very adaptable over time, helping it stay effective as the nature of spam changes


This is one of those products that are genuinely difficult to find ‘cons’ for. Given that we have to be harsh to provide a good review…

  • The free version places a small text add at the bottom of your outgoing email ‘protected by SPAMFighter’ , some people may not like this.
  • People who use email clients other than Outlook, Outlook Express Windows Mail or Thunderbird cannot use this product.


SPAMFighter is a solid product and offers effective protection from spam. It is easy to use and non-technical people will be comfortable using this. We rate this product highly – and have worked with the providers of SPAMFighter to offer readers a 20% discount on the pro version of this product if they are suitably impressed (as we were) by the free version.

Click here to go to the special 20% discount offer page for freewaremission.com readers.




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