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VirtuaGirl HD: Sizzling Strippers On Your Desktop

by Dwarka Rao 6 January 2010 12 Comments

Which man on the earth does not like watching strippers stripping around? How about strippers right on your desktop screen. It surely sounds mouth watering.

VirtuaGirl HD is a free program which brings virtual strippers teasing you on your desktop. And the term HD (High Definition) in the title reflects that the girls are far more real in appearance. VirtuaGirl HD allows you to relish the close to reality view of strippers on the desktop of your computer.

Better than its previous versions

Keeping the fact into the consideration that sizes of the monitors are increasing with time, the designers have made sure that this program offers a far bigger and better view of the strippers on your display screen.

VirtuaGirl HD has a new model to offer on each day and no doubt that girls are ultimately sizzling than those appeared in its previous versions. There has been a great enhancement in the image quality and the girls occupy half of your screen’s size. This is indeed tempting.

Although the theme remains the same,  but VirtuaGirl HD is way more better than its previous versions and other similar programs in a number of aspects.


  • A new babe each day from their collection of fantastic and delicious girls
  • The High Definition quality is truly relishing
  • You can buy and download girls from their list
  • 240 girls to choose from and 7 babes are added on every Monday
  • Offers a firm control over the customizing options like choosing the preferences such as no nudity, topless, full nudity
  • Download full strip shows
  • Get a free edition to try out


virtuagir HD

virtuagir HD

virtuagir HD


The graphical user interface offered by VirtuaGirl HD is comprehensively user friendly and any even a user with mediocre computer knowledge can handle the program.


If your computer is configured with a bigger RAM capacity, then it can handle the program seamlessly. But a system with lower configuration might find this program a bit slower.


Apart from the strip shows of the hot babes, you can access the on a fully functional portal where you will find the bios and photos of all the girls that you have downloaded. And if you feel like interacting with those girls, then you will not be disappointed. Each girl has her own community on the forum where you can have talks with them.

You can get over the conventional porn movies or clips as VirtuaGirl HD gives you a feel as if girls are stripping exclusively for you. And I bet you the feeling is worth to be felt.


  • Easy to use with its user friendly GUI
  • The whole program is value for its money
  • Wide preferences to choose from


  • Interaction level between the user and application is not much
  • If your computer is the one with basic configuration, then it might not have the best to offer


ViruaGirl HD is a kind of program that a man would love to have on his computer. Although it does not have any technical boosts to offer but serves as a great source of entertainment and refreshment. It is better than its previous versions in terms of speed, quality of images and shows, and preferences offered. This is one unique way to get seduced and surely guarantees satisfaction.

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  • Seth said:


    I have been following your site via RSS feed for quite some time. I have even recommended it to friends. I am very disappointed by this turn of direction in your site. Please do not go down this road of free & open source software. I will have to drop it from my list.


  • MR said:

    How ironic that your comment instructions say “keep it clean,” yet this shameless topic is front and center. I’ve been an RSS subscriber since the original Freeware Mission, but I won’t be any longer if adult-themed software continues to be discussed.

    I hope VGHD is paying you a lot for this shilling, since I fear you’ll be losing many loyal readers and followers. Please get back to discussing useful software for all users, not just the 18-25 male demo.


  • bobconstans said:

    I’m afraid I have to agree – I could find no links…which means that this pretty much amounts to an ad for the software, and a lame one at that. Therefore, this is spam.

  • ex-'freewaremission'lover said:

    i just lost the interest i had for this site.

  • Mike said:

    Thanks for the comments guys. We’ll try to review more useful software. Any suggestions of what sort of programs you’d like to see more of around here?

  • MR said:

    While I don’t utilize all of types of software reviewed on this blog, I really appreciate the reviews of system utilities, communications software, and other “essentials” that I’d rather get for free than pay for. I have followed many suggestions and tried several freeware programs recommended by this site, especially from the original freeware mission project to build a freeware-only PC, and have had no problems with spyware, adware, or any other negative issues.

    My only suggestion is to stick with these types of software… tell us what’s new (and trustworthy). I appreciate the time and research that goes into your reviews. I hope this adult software review was just a misstep, and that we can look forward to future insightful reviews of boring old programs that all of us can benefit from.

  • VirtuaGirl HD: Sizzling Strippers On Your Desktop | Freeware Mission « Virtuagirl HD said:

    […] stripping around? How about strippers right on your desktop screen. It surely sounds mouth.Read More… [Source: virtua girl – Google Blog […]

  • LazyDaisy said:

    In all fairness — knowing as I do that the same company which makes this software also makes VirtuaGuy (which I have) — I don’t think this software legitimately belongs on a site which pitches itself as a review site for *freeware*, since the free version of this program is so limited as to be virtually(!) worthless. In my opinion, VirtuaGirl or VirtuaGuy should be considered demoware or trialware — not freeware.

  • Virtua Girl Download said:

    Thanks for software, now i can see girl models strips on my desktop

  • James said:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  • Harold M said:

    I personally didn’t mind the adult freeware as many above did not. Keep providing the good freeware and we will keep coming back my friend. Cheers

  • James said:

    Adult freeware isnt something we have really looked into – do you think there is much interest in this?

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