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Linux Mint 7 – Free Open Source Operating System

by Johnny Karp 22 November 2009 15 Comments

I wanted to do this for a few months now but I never found a few quiet hours for it… I finally installed Linux Mint 7 on my PC, alongside with Windows XP for now. I gave Ubuntu a try last year but I gave up on it because of the many difficulties with the hardware. What happened with Ubuntu is that I barely made the sound to work after long hours of trying and I just couldn’t make it to properly recognize my wide screen display, never. That’s why, although I liked its looks and functionality, I decided to give up on it.

Somebody recommended Linux Mint here, it was Dusan if I remember correctly, and now I finally had the chance to install it. I chose the latest release, Linux Mint 7 Gloria.  I went for the “install inside Windows” option for now and I guess it’s the best way to go for a Windows user that just wants to explore the Linux Mint option without getting too complicated. This menu will appear if you insert your Linux Mint CD while running Windows and you’ll get to install it like any other program.

linux mint install

Well, not quite like any other program though. You will have to reboot to complete the installation and then when you will start your computer you will be asked which operating system you want to use for that session, Windows or Linux Mint.

linux mint screenshot 1

The whole process shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete. After that you’ll have the possibility to explore Linux Mint and trust me, it’s quite appealing. The first thing that I checked when I first started Linux Mint was the sound. And guess what? It worked! I set up the network connection with no difficulty and even the display problem that I had in Ubuntu was solved in a couple of minutes! With everything up and running I just had to relax and enjoy Linux Mint. It looks great, it’s fast and the functionality is marvelous once you get used to the differences between Linux Mint and Windows.

linux mint screenshot 2

The Control Center is just what the Windows Control Panel should be, a great interface to your system properties and controls. There are several programs that are pre-installed, like Firefox or Gimp, but you can always add new free programs easily.

linux mint Screenshot-Control Center

I am very impressed with Linux Mint, very impressed. The looks are awesome and you’ll have no trouble in getting all your hardware to work, at least I had none of that. The only thing that keeps me from uninstalling Windows XP right now is that I have some Windows programs that I really need for my work and those programs don’t work under Linux yet. When they will work I guess I’ll have no regrets, I’ll switch to Linux Mint right away. For now I’m going to keep both operating systems, so I’ll have a dual boot PC, but I’m going to use Linux Mint for my day-to-day tasks like surfing the web or writing and keep Windows just for the special tasks that require special programs.

I strongly encourage you to try Linux Mint, it’s open source, completely free of charge, and from what I see a way better operating system than Windows – faster, more secure and great looking without requiring huge memory resources. You can download it from the link below, than make yourselves a bootable CD and go!


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  • Dusan said:

    Yep ,
    another great thing is that you also have a community that regulary releases new programs that you can automaticly install.
    It is called Software portal

    There are alos few versions of Mint 32 ,64 bit,
    and few with diferent graphic look… and it is getting better

    Official forum where you canask any problem you have or request

    I had only problem installing it with Windows 7,
    as I did not managed to doo this 🙁

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Yea, that’s the big plus, it’s always getting better and there are more and more programs available. I didn’t know about Windows 7, I tested it with XP and didn’t have any problems.

  • Onur said:

    Hello Johnny.

    Your blog is great. I use linux too. Pardus 2009 is my favourite linux distro. You should try.



  • evan said:

    your website is great. i installed it but im still not able to install my airlink DWL-650+ wireless card on it. I don’t really have time to explore how to do it (if someone can show me how that would be awesome). It looks great anyway and as soon as i know how to install my wireless network card i will definitely use this in my PC =)

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Try to find some help in the linux mint forums, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Padam said:

    I installed linux mint 7 inside of windows XP. By mistake I removed the installation. Now when I reinstalled, it starts booting but stops midway. This I tried a number of times but same result. I know about duel booting but can’t do because the laptop belongs to my grandson. Guidance needed.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I’m not a Linux expert yet mate, I’d suggest going to the Linux Mint forums, you’ll surely find some help there.

  • Leeto Kasa said:

    I just installed Linux Mint7 Gloria from a CD, I have no internet connection at home where I installed Linux Mint 7 on it, but I dont get audio from my music that i play and movies. The terminal commands that I have need my pc to have internet connectiion as they try downloading via internet. Can’t I just download the drivers from the internet and just go and install them at my pc. As i wanna move completely from Windows at home, of course at work i shall use windows but Linux has a bit of issues to get running programs.

  • KDC said:

    You can try out an almost unlimited choice of Operating Systems easily with VirtualBox from Sun. It’s also free. 😀

  • Kururu said:

    I got around to trying Linux Mint 7 as well, and I’m impressed. Thanks, mate!

  • Freddie Cook said:

    For me, the best operating system is Linux because it rarely hangs..*,

  • Isabelle Gonzales said:

    operating systems can either make or break your system that is why it is wise to choose a vey stable one.*,’

  • Rosie Khan said:

    with regards to PC operating system, i love Windows XP and Linux,`.

  • Sleeper Sofa  said:

    the best operating system is always Linux, after Linux it is Windows XP. Vista sucks,-“

  • Tragaperras said:

    Have you heard that Apple revealed today OS X 10.7 . The Lion (this is it’s name) seems to have some amazing new features. I am very happy! It will ship next summer.

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