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DriverMax Is Now… Crippleware!

by Johnny Karp 1 July 2009 9 Comments

I always expect that a new version of a freeware program would bring some improvements to make the respective program better. Unfortunately sometimes things go wrong, and that’s what happened with DriverMax, the free driver updates program. The new version puts the program in a whole new category called crippleware. With the new version the program works fine until the most important feature, downloading an updated driver. That’s were it all goes wrong and stupid: you can only download one driver per day with the free version 🙁

drivermax sucks

And that’s why DriverMax can no longer be installed on my PC. After finding out how the new version works I immediately uninstalled the program with Revo Uninstaller so that there will be no trace of it left in my computer.

drivermax uninstalled

Fortunately there is a solid freeware alternative, RadarSync. It was once my favorite but I switched to DriverMax because of the frequent crashes that I was experiencing while using RadarSync. The new version of the program seems to be more reliable and it also has some nice additional features so I installed RadarSync again.

It’s sad when a freeware program turns into a different direction, maybe because of greed or poor judgement. And that’s why open source is the real alternative…



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  • Daniel Statescu said:

    My name is Daniel Statescu and I am the CEO of Innovative Solutions. We are the ones that created DriverMax. I read your post and I must admit that I agree with some of it. Unfortunately things are different if you see them from our side. Here are all the details.
    DriverMax became very popular. It was the only freeware program offering unlimited driver downloads. As its popularity increased we had to invest more money in order to keep it working. We purchased new servers, we purchased more bandwidth. All our efforts lead serious financial problems. We had only a few choices:
    a. accepting donations (it never worked)
    b. closing the project (this would disappoint a lot of people)
    c. offering some functions for paying customers only
    We were forced to choose option c. In time we will be able to offer more downloads and for freeware users too. For example: today we’ll increase the number of free daily downloads from 1 to 2 drivers. Starting with version 5.1 (will be released next week) the rollback, restore point, and other functions will be no longer blocked for free users. These functions will be available for everyone.
    We are doing our best to keep the project up and running and for offering as much as possible to our free users.
    Kind regards,
    Daniel STATESCU
    CEO, Innovative Solutions

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Hello Mr. Daniel and thanks for taking the time to give us all that information. If you ask me the free version of DriverMax could still be competitive only if you won’t limit the driver downloads, that’s the thing that annoys most users. Until then, the free DriverMax will be 100% crippleware and it’ll stay out of my PC. I understand your difficulties, all of us are going through some rough times lately, and I hope you won’t be offended by my not so kind remarks in the post.

  • Jamey said:

    I just wanted to say that I tried RadarSync and it killed my PC 🙁

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Jamey, could you tell us which version you were using and what did exactly happen with your PC? I’m very curious to know and I guess many readers would like to find out more.

  • RadarSync said:

    We’d like to know what Jamey’s referring to as well. RadarSync has a built in reminder/way to set a system restore point before you install updates to prevent any problems, since vendors do sometimes release faulty drivers. If you use this feature you should not have any problems, but we’d definitely like to know if there was one. Jamey can you send your log file to Asher [at] RadarSync.com so we can have a look at it?

    RadarSync Support

  • Ed said:

    Free??? appears to be a false advertisement.

    Downloaded RadarSync and installed. I tried it and it will not allow me to download any drivers unless I buy the paid version.


  • Johnny Karp said:

    You are right Ed, back when I wrote the article RadarSync was OK, now it seems that it isn’t anymore. The thing that bothers me the most is that they don’t give a version comparison on the website, so that people would know which are the limitations in the free version.

  • Christopher said:

    Woah! Is this true? I tried out DriverMax and it actually worked. But I replaced it recently with a more advanced and popular software, driver detective software: driverdetectiveregistrationkey.com. I’ll just see for at a least a month which one is better for me.

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