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CometBird – New Free Web Browser

by Rono 15 June 2009 17 Comments

This is a guest post written by Rono, our most faithful reader and commentator 🙂


Cometbird is the most powerful web browser ever made. May be there are many other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera etc, but the new release by Mozilla, “The Cometbird”, pushes the limits of web browsing. Whenever you think about a perfect web browser, faster browsing and some inbuilt search engines may come to your mind.


But what would you say when a download manager and multimedia downloader are given with a web browser with lightening speed along with more that 7 search engines like Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Ebay and many more.Cometbird is a web browser with all these functions available free of cost. You can download Youtube videos or any multimedia like flash or audio using Cometbird. So you no more need any tweak or any web site to help you in getting all those things.

Key Features:

Cometbird offers in-built download manager.

Cometbird has add-on manager to install,enable,disable the add-ons or plugins.

Cometbird enables the user to download videos from youtube or any video,audio without using any extra tool.

Download all the non download able songs,flash or videos in single click.

User friendly and very well known toolbar inherited from Mozilla Firefox.

Search toolbar for web search from more than 7 famous search engines.Like,Google,Yahoo,Wikipedia,Amazon and Ebay.

Finally Cometbird gives you the freedom of browsing like never.If you have Cometbird installed on your PC,you won’t need anything else for the WEB.

Version Tested




Operating System

Windows All

Download link


Bulit-in download manager media file downloader and all the features of a perfect web browser.

Reviewer’s Rating


A new promising web browser is always a good thing. And CometBird definitely looks promising, I hope they will further develop the program and make it better and better. This freeware web browser is based on the Firefox source codes.

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If you have any trouble with this software just leave a comment, I’ll help you out! If you know better free programs in the same category, please let me know!



  • Ben said:

    I’m not impressed at all. When you look at the features page you see: Online video downloading – not a features seen inbreed in many browsers, but there’s many addons and programs with the functionality, Online bookmarks, a feature seen in most major browsers and replicated by services such a de.li.ci.ous, Software update checker, whoa, remind me again what that has to do with browsing? There’s, again many programs with the same functionality, and finally….wait for it….quick tabs!!! Some simple interface tweaks implemented in almost every modern browser. From what I’ve seen from looking at the official site and using the actual browser it’s just firefox with a few small addons integrated by the people that made the bitcomet torrent downloader (not Mozilla). It’s complete farce to say that this is a “revolutionary” browser, its got nothing that hasn’t been implemented by other browsers in the past few years. Rono, I hate to say it, but you have very bad tastes in browsers or you’ve only used firefox and internet explorer.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I’m glad that I have this opportunity to publish some different views other than my own on this blog. I don’t necessarily agree with Rono 100% but the bottom line is that it’s always good to view and debate different opinions and then make your own decision. So thanks for the review Rono. I don’t agree with people that say “this is bad” or “this is not worth mentioning”, I’m all for encouraging creative and constructive debates rather than trashing other people’s views.

  • rono (author) said:

    @ ben i know it’s a much bit similar to mozila firefox except some featurs like online video downloading and the openning page.i don’t want to use any extra download manager so i choose this browser.it is a new release from mozila.have you ever heard of seamonkey it also mozila project.you have say about my browser tastes.i don’t mind.i have use a lot of browser such as ie, opera ,mozila ,safari, avant, k-melon, seamonkey & lot more.i feel everybody has different taste.each program has different feature so you would choose your appropiate browser according to your reqiurement.so i just share my choice of browser.i never presserized anybody to use this software.i feel proud jony karp take some risk by publishing this article.@ben thanks for nice & appreciable critic.

  • Ben said:

    @Johnny Karp I don’t have a problem with different viewpoints, but you wouldn’t get away with posting internet explorer 5 and saying it’s revolutionary. The fact of the matter is that cometbird is a rebranded firefox with a few minor features added, not a perfect new browser.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Well, if it’s perfect for Rono that’s his problem and his view. It definitely isn’t perfect for me but still I think it’s a step ahead although it’s almost entirely based on Firefox. I’m very curious about how it will develop in the future. And, for the record, my favorite browser is… Chrome 🙂 Anyway, maybe Rono has boosted it a little too much but that comes out of passion and love for freeware programs and not from any obscure will to promote it at all costs.

  • Rono (author) said:

    @Johnny Karp thanks for the complement you have put down in the last line.

  • Joel said:

    I have to agree with Ben. I am happy to learn about this browser and I like to support freeware, this is why I read the blog, but think that it hurts this website credibility to claim that it is revolutionary and when the writer doesn’t even know who developed what he is promoting. Rono has demonstrated poor audience awareness. This blog shouldn’t be about what interests Rono, but about what interests the readers.

    The bolg does not demonstrate the superiority of this browser. As far as I know there is only one web browser that is not free, Opera, so being free is not an advantage. This browser builds off of firefox, but what common problems of firefox does it fix? Firefox users enjoy endless function and customization, why would they want to switch? The only thing that can improve would be performance. How quick is it? How much memory does it take with 10 tabs compared to a similarly equipped firefox?

    We want something more than mindless promotion of something that is free because it’s free. Free stuff can be good or it can be bad; let us know how things really stack up against each other.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Hey Joel! You have to be more lenient with Rono, he’s just starting to write reviews so I hope that he’ll get the most out of your criticism and do better next time. That’s what I have done since I started this blog, I learned very much from my readers and that has made this blog better. I decided to give this opportunity to Rono because I liked his passion for freeware, that’s a good solid starting point and I believe that he’s intelligent enough to build upon that and become better.

  • pcmemoirs said:

    To all the critics: you don’t have to be so harsh. Just because you don’t like the browser doesn’t mean the review is bad or the program sucks. Rono described it as he sees it and it was clear not everyone would agree. Maybe he did overdo it by saying it’s “the most powerful browser ever made” because it needs to be extensively tested and compared to other programs, but this may help some users make up their minds about which browser to use. For example, I didn’t even know this browser existed before I read this post, so thanks for that. I’ll test in the coming days… 🙂
    BTW, where did Rono say it’s ‘revolutionary’?

  • Ben said:

    @pcmemoirs My problem is not with the browser, it’s with the review. The “key features” Rono listed were inbuilt search engines, addons, video downloader, toolbar. freedom of browsing(?), free(?). All of those are also included with firefox and every other major browser, but the video downloader.

    He says it “pushes the limits of web browsing” and “has all the features of a perfect web browser” which is clearly false because it has absolutely no new features.

    Also you don’t need to test it because i can guaranty that the speed is exactly the same as firefox.

  • pcmemoirs said:

    Fair enough Ben. Thanks for clarifying. I have some problems with Firefox starting very slowly but that probably has to do with my PC, so maybe I wouldn’t be able to compare it to CometBird anyway. I use IE7, Firefox and sometimes Safari. Haven’t tried Chrome yet.

  • Ben said:

    @pcmemoirs Opera is an excellent browser too, I’d highly recommend trying that.

  • Rono (author) said:

    @pcmemories you can try “flock”

  • Rono (author) said:

    Or you can try this soft “firetune”

  • Custom term papers said:

    I must try this one. As Rono said, firetune is good but Firefox consume lot of resources.

  • Poppy Scott said:

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