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Top 10 Freeware Programs – Me and My Readers Can’t Live Without Them!

by Johnny Karp 1 July 2009 7 Comments

Hello folks, the poll that I started two months ago was closed and I’m pleased to show you the results. Although I like many, many freeware programs I tried to compile a list with 10 of them that are really important to me. Then I added your favorites to the poll and exactly 1000 people voted over the two months. And now, the results:

1. Firefox – 21 %

What can I say, Firefox’s victory is undoubtable, almost a quarter of the votes went for the freeware web browser that created a true legend.

2. OpenOffice.org – 10%

OpenOffice.org is one of my favorites too, an open source office suite that is by no means inferior to its competitors that cost a lot of money like Microsoft Office.

3. 7 zip – 9 %

Although I prefer IZArc I admit that 7 zip is a great freeware compression utility, and since so many of you voted for it that means that it deserved a place on the podium.

4. Avast – 7 %

A great free antivirus, it successfully protected my PC over the last year, no problems and no costs, that’s what freeware is all about.

5. Opera – 5 %

Firefox took the first place and here’s another freeware web browser in the top 10. It’s a solid program, fast and reliable. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t suit my taste, but I admit that it’s a good freeware program.

5. Picasa 3 – 5 %

Picasa is tied with Opera in 5th place, the two programs got the same number of votes. I tried it because many people recommended it to me and I didn’t regret it, it’s still my favorite freeware image viewer.

7. IrfanView – 4 %

IrafnView is my former favorite freeware image viewer, I chose to uninstall it after trying Picasa but it’s still a very good freeware program.

8. Google Chrome – 3 %

It’s my favorite freeware web browser, a revelation for many users around the globe. It’s very fast and clean, the only problem that I see is that I expected it to be opened up to adding plugins sooner rather than later.

9. GOM Player – 3 %

It’s my favorite freeware video player because it can play various file formats and subtitles. The competition is fierce though and I might replace it with another freeware program.

10. TrueCrypt – 3 %

TrueCrypt was added to the poll by Gerald and it immediately got enough votes to make it to the top 10. For that reason I gave this open source disk encryption program a try and I decided to include it into my Best Freeware List, I can’t see myself uninstalling it anytime soon.

10. Glary Utilities – 3 %

So we have 12 programs instead of 10, Glary Utilities had the same number of votes as TrueCrypt. And I’m happy for that since it’s one of my favorite freeware programs, a very good system maintenance suite with a lot of features.

There you go, these are the results of your votes. Out of my initial top 10 only 6 programs made it to this final top 10 (or top 12) :). What do you say, should I make a new poll in which each user could vote for only one freeware program, his all time favorite or something like that? I’m waiting for your ideas 🙂



  • Trevor said:

    I recommend TheSearchMan.

    unlike Everything , TheSearchMan’s database is encrypted and it doesn’t show ALL files at the startup.
    The database of Everything is on the most wanted List of hackers as it lists all your files.

    TheSearchMan is a mere 30 KB download.
    It is portable also. That means NO INSTALLATION.

    Unlike Everything or Locate32 which can only search in the index, TheSearchMan can do real searching,ie, in the drive with a super fast speed.

    It searched my 50GB Seagate drive in a little over 2 seconds.
    It has bagged many 5 stars and Top Software awards.

    The interface of TheSearchMan is extremely simple.
    Just enter the path and search criteria

    TheSearchMan’s database is updated on the fly.

    The home page is:

    Its also been reviewed by ghacks and addictivetips.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Thanks for the suggestion mate, much appreciated.

  • Carol said:

    Nice selection, Johnny!
    Why 3 browsers and not 1?

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Thanks Carol. There are three browsers because that was the result of the vote, each reader voted for his favorite programs and three browsers came out in the top 10 results.

  • - said:

    “home page is” venussoftcorporation.blogspot.com Its “also been reviewed by ghacks and addictivetips”
    you’ll notice that somebody’s obsessive or shilling

  • antivirushero said:

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  • Satori said:

    Good Day all.

    @ Johnny Karp..
    I tried to get to the contacts page but there was no means to make contact. – perhaps the form is broken?

    I figured if I wrote in a BLOG posting comment that you started I hope it will reach you.

    One of the programs you listed is no longer freeware.
    AVS Disc Creator — at Version 5.xxx
    Just thought to mention it to you.

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