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RadarSync 2009

by James 8 February 2009 7 Comments

RadarSync is a free program that updates your drivers and installed software. It has a paid version but the free version is fully functional.

Some time ago RadarSync was my preferred driver updater. A few months back I replaced it with Driver Max because the tests I made showed that it was a lot better and Radar Sync 2008 was beginning to act strange, crashing several times with no obvious reasons. Many people told me that the new version offers very interesting features, so I decided to give it a try.


RadarSync 2009 Screenshot 1

The interface is basically the same. One of the new interesting features is the possibility to make software packs that RadarSync will monitor and deliver updates.


RadarSync 2009 Screenshot 2

Another interesting thing is that RadarSync shows you alternative programs for those that you have installed, but it doesn’t always give accurate results.


RadarSync 2009 Screenshot 3

Looks good, the pack thing sounds interesting, but here’s the truth: DriverMax found 5 more driver updates than RadarSync 2009. SuMo found a lot more software updates than RadarSync. I’m sorry to say this, but RadarSync will get the uninstall treatment again.

Version Tested



Operating System

Windows All

Download link


 The Software Pack feature is very ingenious.

 Found less driver updates than DriverMax

 Found less software updates than SuMo



RadarSync 2009 is obviously a lot better than the previous version, but it still is behind the freeware competition. They need to work hard and find a way to make the program better.

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If you have any trouble with this software just leave a comment, I’ll help you out! If you know better free programs in the same category, please let me know!



  • jon said:

    I totally disagree … Drivermax is an amateur product, and like programs like driveragent and driver detective, it “finds” updates that are repeats, or that are not really out of date. RadarSync is a much better product and unlike the others, it gets much better with each version.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I’m happy with DriverMax so far, although it sometimes has the behavior that you describe. But overall I think it still is better than RadarSync. Maybe I’m still influenced by the 2008 version that was crashing out of the blue, can be…

  • Reuven Shitrit said:

    Out of curiosity I’ve tested both RadarSync and Sumo, to find apps update for my PC.
    Somo-indeed – first glance – looks like bringing more, but it was just an illusion. What they do is listing ALL apps inventory (i.e. new versions or NOT) and then – in many cases – they list 2-3 (sometimes 5) items to SAME app, for example:
    “Java Platform SE Binary” (listed 4 times)
    “AVG launcher”, “AVG Control Center” and “AVG Virus Vault” (why not simply say “AVG” and list it ONCE only?

    Also-Sumo does not link direct to the exe file, they just send you to few freeware sites, to find for the files, whcih is tiring…many clicks… RadarSync is one click download.

    Here are the items RadarSync found for my PC, where Sumo did not:
    Irfan View
    MSN Messenger
    Open Office
    Dia for Windows installer
    Those apps are important!

    Here are items that Sumo listed that RadarSync did not:
    Roxi Creator
    Who cares abt those apps…? They comemrcial and I lost the serial # by now anyhow 🙂

    I think RadarSync wins, by far.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I agree about SuMO after all. I uninstalled it and replaced it with a better product, but not RadarSync. It’s Software Informer, review available here. And thanks for your review.

  • greg said:

    I’m a former drivermax user and I just discovered something extremely disturbing about Drivermax. Looking carefully at their documentation, it becomes apparent that when you do driver backup with drivermax, the program uploads your drivers to their servers. Then when you go to do driver update, it downloads drivers for you that it has previously uploaded from other users. This is a serious security issue that automatically disqualifies drivermax as a reputible product. The potential for transmitting viruses or worms labelled as drivers is immense. I’m surprised they haven’t been the source of a major attack yet. Knowing this, I plan to try Radarsync as an alternative, as it is the only other free option out there.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Greg, I just gave up on DriverMax because it’s not freeware anymore. If what you’re saying is true it’s a major security hazard indeed.

  • keith.L said:

    so they (driver maxx,radar sync) suckA$$ is there any others let me know

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