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Best Free Drivers Update Program

by James 28 November 2008 37 Comments

My freeware only PC needs to be up to date, not only with the programs installed, but also with the device drivers. I think you would agree that searching for drivers updates over the internet can be very time-consuming, so I need a freeware program that could do that for me. Did I find one? Of course I did.


Actually I found a few, but I was disappointed with most of them because they say they are free, but when it comes to really downloading a driver update things tend to change slightly. The one that I decided to keep is RadarSync, really free and really good.


The best thing about this freeware program is that after it identifies the devices in your system it searches for updates on the manufacturer’s website, so you can be sure that the drivers it downloads are safe. Another interesting feature is that RadarSync scans for software updates too. I’ve downloaded both drivers and software updates and, thankfully, there is no hidden cost in RadarSync, it really is freeware. The only non-freeware thing is that during installation it recommends installing a toolbar, but you can easily choose not to do that.

You can download RadarSync from here, it’s free!

My Evaluation


Operating System

Windows All


1.6 MB



Version Tested

2008 Free Edition

The Freeware Mission continues! 20 more episodes to go until I’ll reach freeware nirvana! I’d stick around to see that 🙂

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  • Anonymous said:

    I have Win XP SP3 and after install it will not run program, just wants me to send error report…..

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I’m using XP SP3 too, and the programs works fine on my PC. Maybe you have other software that might cause an incompatibility. I think you should speak to the authors and see what’s wrong.

  • Robert said:

    Installed on 2 machines (desktop w win xp home sp2 & toshiba satellite nb os 2000 pro sp4:
    Prob on desktop: "Cannot launch because not connected to internet" is message.I am connected to internet at all times.
    Prob.on laptop:Launches fine but program stops running when scan reaches 65%.No message. What say you?
    By the way you have a great website and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Thanks

  • Robert said:

    Revision on last comment. Program is now working on Desktop pc. It apparently found my internet connection. This was a spontaneous fix. I did nothing to effect it, Still have that program crash problem on laptop.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I had a similar crash problem last week, but after that it worked fine. There seems to be a bug, hopefully they will fix it soon.

  • Noel said:

    Until recently, RadarSync had the advantage over DriverMax. Now that DM can scan, download, and install XP compatible drivers, they are very, very close in my eyes. RadarSync’s user interface is a bit more intuitive than DriverMax.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    I totally agree. Maybe I would slightly tend to prefer Driver Max, despite its chaotic interface.

  • andrea said:

    it has a seekeen virus

  • marcus said:

    fuckers where is the download link……….

  • Johnny Karp said:

    It’s there, just where it says: “you can download it from here”. If you click on “here”… that’s it, you’ll go to the download page. 😉

  • coulter said:

    Just tried Radarsync again and it’s moved ahead of DM a bit. They added a nice online backup type feature for your files and i also like the list of free alternatives for your software.

  • Jonathan said:

    I am watching this progrma go and can only say one thing… GO FREEWARE!!!

  • Booga said:

    DM just updated and now it looks like you can only download 1 driver per day with the free version which imo makes it a pain in the butt.
    Downloading RadarSync now.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Yea, that sucks big time. Driver Max will be uninstalled from my PC TODAY, I can no longer call it a freeware program!

  • aris said:


  • Arnaud said:

    RadarSync Suxx now it is like all other scams, installed it and when I click download driver it sends me to a page to buy the program, never downloaded a driver with it, fucking lame prog

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Arnaud, I just tried the program again and I didn’t have any trouble with downloading driver updates. I’m using the free edition too… It’s a mystery to me because some other people reported the same problem as you and my program still works fine. I contacted somebody from RadarSync a few days ago and reported the problem but I didn’t get a reply so far. Maybe you should contact their support team too because they don’t say anywhere on their website that you have to get the paid version to download drivers.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Arnaud, try this following link, it’s supposed to point to the “real” free version: http://www.radarsync.com/installers/radarsyncFREE.exe

  • joe said:

    I worry about using programs like this one as I have a mania about my privacy. Not seeing any comments about that aspect puts me off and I go to manufacturers sites on my own. Of course, most manufacturers have turned the exercise of searching for the correct driver into an exercise of logic that would have defied any of the ancient Greeks! I guess I’ll have to continue suffering until I know that
    a) I can use the program with proxies or through Tor
    b) that it does not collect any data about me and pass it on

  • kglibow said:

    20.oct.2009 The free version of RadarSync only allows to scan. In other words, if you want to update, you need to pay(29,95$).

  • Irbis said:

    it says i am not connected to the internet when i am connected… i dont know what to do.
    damn, if there is one good freeware program for drivers updating it must be buggy as hell… just my luck.
    anybody else have any ideas? maybe some other programs? freeware ofcours

  • mih said:

    нечё не работает прога платная

  • Max said:

    Downloaded and installed, the programme did a scan and would not allow me to download any driver without paying, so another bloody con site, dont both to install it.

  • Gloomoy said:

    after areapitingly downloading, installing and uninstalling of various “freeware”, I have learned that none of them are free when it comes to the most important feature, downloading and installing the drivers.

    I have however found that for my HP compaq laptop there is just such a program on hp’s website, that works great! not useful for all of you, but hopefully for some 🙂

  • Jesse said:

    Fuck you free my ass!

  • zobata said:

    what a load of crap.just like every other so called FREE software this does the same thing.radarsync sucks you in for a scam,meant scan,then tells you to download real version to update.what a load of BS

  • keith.L said:

    anyfree driver finder an download sites left!!!Johnny any1

  • Zane said:

    Got all excited when I came across this. Very difficult to get software in our part of the world. Sounded too good to be true and unfortunately for me is too good to be true. Downloads, installs and scans easily. But it is not possible to get the drivers! This requires a subscription payment.

  • Arsen said:

    All americans and russians mother fuckers

  • Mike said:

    These fukin bullshit sites are a dime a dozen. They should publish the address to these fuckin places so we could at least get the satisfaction of eggin them or somethig. It would be great if somebody could figure out how to hack these bastards and take them down permanently with a virus.

  • Mike said:

    Where are the fuckin manufacturers of these drivers?? I paid good money for this Acer Sanner and now the only drivers for it are handled by a bunch of penny pinchin bastards. I would like to know why Acer doesn’t have all these drivers. This is sooo enraging!!!

  • Beta Tester said:

    Thanks for the info on this Radar Sync, but after following the link you posted, it no longer is free, now it costs $29.95. So, this review is no longer applicable.

  • Shah said:

    cool software

  • DosMan said:

    Some kind soul shared the ‘free’ version installer @ 4shared. 🙂

  • DosMan said:

    Watch out for the extra crap it will install,
    be sure to untick the boxes for the junk.

    *radersync toolbar
    *carbonite trial

    ^^ SlimDrivers is a Better Free Alternative.

  • Jan said:

    This is a rip off..I downloaded it and it scan my computer then wanted me to buy it before it would fix it.

  • Nathaniel Fleur said:

    Thank you james for this review. I checked out RadarSync and it’s interesting but I also came across a new popular software when it comes to updating drivers: driver detective software – driverdetectiveregistrationkey.com – and I’m checking it out. Maybe I’ll just see which one is better. Thank you. 🙂

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