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Freeware Mission – Best Free Disk Defragmenter

by James 28 November 2008 12 Comments

The Freeware Mission continues, closer to reaching its goal: a freeware only PC! Today I’m going to pick my free Disk Defragmenter. Yea, I know, Windows’ defragmenter is free too, but it’s pretty lame, slow and not very effective. The battle was between Auslogics Disk Defrag and JK Defrag GUI. Wanna know who won?


I’ve reviewed Auslogics Disk Defrag some time ago and I was pretty satisfied with the way it worked: fast and reliable. But JK Defrag GUI takes everything one step further, many more options and features, and even a better defragmentation routine.


JK Defrag GUI also gives you the option to clean up your hard disks, and even wipe data from the free spaces.


With this freeware program you can schedule a defragmentation to run whenever you want. And if we add to all that the very interesting feature that allows us to run the defragmenter as a Windows Screensaver there’s only one outcome: JK Defrag GUI is the best free disk defragmenter.

You can download JK Defrag GUI from here, it’s free!

My Evaluation


Operating System

Windows All


3.98 MB


Emiel Wieldraaijer

Version Tested


Don’t miss the following episodes of the Freeware Mission, it’s going to be fun!

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  • Anonymous said:

    You’re my hero! I love this site.

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Wow! Only my girlfriend said that to me once :)) I’m very happy you like the blog, I’ll be trying to give you more “likeable” posts in the future. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  • myfreepc said:

    Defraggler is also free.

  • myfreepc said:

    I take it back about Defraggler, JKDefragGUI is the best! I tried it and my system is faster, seems to run more smoothly and most surprisingly: my harddisk is inactive when idle… Thanks for the GREAT tip!

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Good ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Defraggler, I was planning to test if next week. Maybe I will after all, but I’ll keep your opinion in mind. Thanks again.

  • Jordi said:

    What about Power Defragmenter GUI/Contig from Excessive Software? It is a GUI to the Sysinternals’ Contig utility.

    Sysinternals made such good stuff, it was bought my Microsoft.

  • spz said:

    All your tests are incomplete:
    What’s about UltimateDefrag http://www.disktrix.com/DTTrials.htm
    and UltraDefrag ultradefrag.sourceforge.net/ ?

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Look, Peter, did I claim I was God or some kind of a guru? I guess not. I can’t possibly know and test any freeware or open source program out there, there are millions and I’m just one. Btw, did you try JK Defrag GUI? And if you did, how was it?
    And last but not least, UltimateDefrag is shareware, so I don’t want to know about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rono said:

    Most users agree that the disk defragmentation software that ships with Microsoft Windows PCs is not the best piece of computer software to defragment a computer system efficiently. Probably the main point of criticism centers around speed but there are others that weight in as well especially where functionality is concerned. Thatโ€™s the main reason why so many software developers have created their own disk defragmenting software for the Windows operating system.
    Ultra Defrag is another disk defragmenting software for the Windows operating system. The program is Open Source and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Some of its key features is the speedy defragmentation process and the low resource usage while running the process. It comes with an installer or as a portable version and can be run from a graphical user interface or the command line.

    The defragmentation software can defrag entire system partitions or single directories and files if it is added to the Windows context menu during installation. The command line version of the disk defragmenting software comes with several advanced options like excluding files from the defragmentation process. Users can also launch Ultra Defrag during system boot to be able to defragment the system files that are locked when Windows is running.

  • rono said:

    it’s new name is my dfrag so johnny time to rename it in your review

  • Johnny Karp said:

    Thanks for the heads up Rono.

  • rono said:

    Try “Puran Defrag”.http://www.puransoftware.com/

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