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Burn CD/DVD with Tiny Burner Software

Introduction to Tiny Burner software
As the name suggests, Tiny Burner is a small application for burning CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays. It is designed to run on windows 7, vista, and XP operating systems. Nowadays, specialized CD/DVD burners are very popular, and there are hundreds to choose from.
Tiny Burner is one of the better ones, and is available freely for personal and commercial use. It can be installed in both 32 and 64 bit operating system. When installed on your computer you can burn data onto any type of optical storage …

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Protect your computer with AVG Antivirus

Introduction to AVG Antivirus
Having antivirus software installed into your PC is essential these days. It is a vital part of safeguarding your computer system against dangerous malware and viruses. A virus is a software program designed to spread from one computer to another and has the ability of interfering with the normal running of the computer. Most people are aware that nowadays, even a single virus can bring the whole system down, or worse, participate in stealing private information from your computer. This therefore explains the need to have strong …


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PaintStar – a full featured free photo editor

Introduction to PaintStar
PaintStar is a photo editing software. It is small in size but very powerful, packed full of features that will satisfy 95% of people. People who have tried it will tell you that it is versatile and as comprehensive as Adobe Photoshop hence, making good (budget friendly) alternative.
It is suitable for retouching photos, creating images and authoring them. It can also be a great help if you want to morph images, capture screenshots or display image thumbnails in windows explorer menu. Because of these functions, a number of …


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Protect your email with SpamFighter

Introduction to SPAMFighter
Protecting your email inbox from the dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of spurious spam messages is not simply a matter of convenience. Firstly, it is also a matter of security. Spam is notorious for being a vehicle through virus’s and malware spread – and for this reason alone you should do something to prevent it. There is however another perspective, and that is one of productivity. If you are spending 10 minutes a day cleaning your inbox from spam – that is an hour a week or 6 …


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XnView – convert images files

Introduction to XNView
With the rise of social media photo editing and converting tools have become highly popular and in demand. One common problem encountered by people wanting to post their photos is that their files are either too large, the wrong size, or not in the desired format (JPG instead of PNG for example). What makes this more difficult is that we often want to convert dozens of photos as once, instead of repeating a series of conversions on file one-by-one. There is a great freeware tool for this – …


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WinDirStat – what is using up your disk?

Introduction to WinDirStat
If you have ever run short of disk space, you will know how it can be quite hard to work out what files (and which folders) are taking up much of the space. WinDirStat is a tool that helps you with this task. It scans your disk(s) and gives you an analysis, both with numbers and a picture, of where you might be able to reclaim space. As the name suggests, this tool is built for Windows system, and is based on KDirStat (for Linux).
What makes WinDirStat different?
WinDirStat …


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CloudMark DesktopOne – protection from email spam

Introducing CloudMark DesktopOne
After logging into your mail reading “you have 4,799 unread messages”, how do you feel? Excited with the hopes that one of it might be e-mail from your current love interest or annoyed since you hnkow that again you’re flooded with dozens of “click-this-to-get-rich” spam messages. Frustrating isn’t it?
We wanted to find free anti-spam software that would completely eradicate spammers from our personal mail. For this reason, we had a close look at Could CloudMark Desktop One Basic. CloudMark DesktopOne aims to protect your inbox from over 260 …


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M3U Dropper – manage playlists with drag & drop

This is a handy tool for people who create and manage playlists for their music players. M3U Dropper creates, imports, and organizes playlists. It allows you to drop links (to files) from the desktop from an audio/video collection and then managet the order of this list.
This is useful for example in creating a mix of songs or videos with a specific mood or purpose. As the name suggests, the program creates M3U files which are used in most software players (Winamp, Foobar, Songbird, etc.) and many hardware players (including …


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Protection from malware with Malwarebytes

Introduction to Malwarebytes
Malwarebytes is one of the world’s most popular and trusted anti-malware solutions. It protects your computer from harmful malware including spyware, dialers, root-kits, Trojans, worms, and viruses. Once installed, it sits quietly in the background, checking for threats on your PC. You will only hear from this software if it identifies a problem – and by default it takes action to negate the threat immediately. With a global team of researchers working 24/7 to constantly improve and update the database it uses to identify threats – it is …


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Foxit Reader – The PDF Viewer

Dealing with PDF files has always been a problem for me. It does not allow to edit the text and I always need to copy it for some purpose or other. Then I came across the freeware known as FOXIT Reader.
There are no PDF files that I have come across which FOXIT can not open. It also takes less space than any other PDF reader software’s. It is also much faster than any other. There are mobile version of Foxit also available which can help you open the PDF files …